Building Pressure from Below on the COP 21 Climate Negotiations in Paris



This December, the 21st Conference of Parties, (COP 21) a yearly international conference established as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), will meet in Paris to negotiate a global mitigation strategy for greenhouse gas emissions.

Though achieving legally binding agreements on climate change mitigation has

Been historically challenging, the conference is an opportunity for grassroots groups to mobilize around developing real solutions. WE ACT is working through Grassroots Global Justice, an alliance of 45 US-based grassroots organizing groups, to mobilize along the “Road to #Paris2015”.

This movement is calling for climate solutions that allow for full participation of frontline communities in a just economic transition. It is pushing the COP 21 to look past false alternatives such as carbon offsets and geo-engineering that allow corporations to continue to profit from the privatization of the commons at the expense of our health.

There will be a number of opportunities to engage leading up to the COP 21, including an international youth summit the week before the conference, and local events. Contact James Burke at to get involved.