The Campaign for New York’s Future



WE ACT provided an environmental justice perspective on the Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Board to shape the Mayor’s Sustainability Plan (OneNYC) on issues of energy, transportation, land use, infrastructure, and green buildings. Since the plan’s announcement in April 2007, WE ACT has provided leadership on the steering committee of the Campaign For New York’s Future, a coalition of over 150 NYC organizations working to ensure implementation by promoting the plan to the public, media and elected officials.

WE ACT’s work on the campaign adopts a community-based approach to engage key partners by leveraging our connection to community boards, environmental justice and health organizations, and business associations across communities of color and low-income in Manhattan. We’re holding town hall meetings to educate, gather input and mobilize residents as a base of support that helps build toward the initiatives outlined in PlaNYC 2030. Our work with local community groups will ensure the enunciation of a clear connection between the Mayor’s Plan, environmental justice and quality of life and health in hot-spot communities.

One of WE ACT’s core strategies for securing the passage of legislation designed to improve the environmental and environmental health conditions of individuals residing in communities of color and/or low income is to appeal to targeted elected officials on the issues. Towards this end, WE ACT is mobilizing residents and community leaders to educate their elected officials on key aspects of PlaNYC, and meet with them in their local offices to ensure full understanding of the issues.


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Campaign for New York's Future

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