Healthy Homes Summit Resources


We are quickly approaching a year since the New York City Healthy Homes Summit. With your participation, this two day action summit was a huge success, offering community members access to high ranking city officials, leaders in the environmental justice movement and important information that will help them to understand how to identify and maintain, safe and toxin free homes. 

Along with the summit, Environmental Justice, the essential peer-reviewed journal that explores the equitable treatment of all people. Released a journal featuring articles and content provided by some of the participants of the summit. As a thank youwe would like to provide you access.  The post includes the following:

  • Human health and the environment
  • Science, technology, and the environment
  • Land use and urban planning
  • Public policy
  • Environmental history
  • Legal history as it pertains to environmental justice
  • Sociology and anthropology of environmental health disparities
  • Grassroots initiatives

 In the following months we will be expanding our efforts for the WE ACT for Healthy Homes campaign and your support will be vital to it's success, but for now, thank you for attending and always, supporting WE ACT.