Transportation Committee Hearing on Health Impacts of MTA Bus Operations

For 18 years, WE ACT has worked in Northern Manhattan communities to address community complaints of poor health and safety problems related to the planning, siting, operations, maintenance, and disposition of MTA diesel buses and facilities.

On October 18, 2006 WE ACT co-sponsored the City Council Transportation Committee hearing to demand accountability by the MTA’s New York City Transit (NYCT) to the health and safety of its riders, workers, and residents living near its bus depots. WE ACT called NYCT to make firm commitments to address our specific and reasonable concerns regarding the concentration and impacts of MTA bus depots in Northern Manhattan.

  • WE ACT’s press release (PDF) for the City Council hearing is available here.
  • WE ACT’s testimony (PDF) addresses the impacts of MTA bus operations, describes our lengthy history of negotiations with NYCT, and outlines the specific commitments that we seek from NYCT. 
  • The testimony from attorney Sheila R. Foster (PDF), who served as lead counsel for WE ACT’s earlier Title VI action, focuses on legal aspects of bus depot siting and operations. 
  • NY Daily News columnist Errol Louis’ coverage (PDF) of the City Council hearing calls for politicians to hold MTA accountable. 
  • Supporting GIS Map (PDF) with details on the elected officials appointed to where the Bus Depot facility is located.